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"The goal of LIFE is living in agreement with NATURE " - Zeno

The goal of life is living in agreement with nature, said Zeno, an ancient Greek philosopher. And in these words, lies profound wisdom that holds true even in our complex, technologically advanced world. Have you ever pondered how you, me, all of us are the embodiment of the universe clothed in Nature's form? We are Nature – we're a piece of it, pulsating and dancing to its cosmic rhythm. 

If you delve into our composition, we share elements like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with the earth and its myriad species. Go deeper, and we even share stardust with the expansive cosmos. We are an assemblage of universal substances assembled by Nature in an elegant design we call ‘Human Being’. 

But living as humans does not make us separate from Nature. We're merely an integral part of this grand mechanism, playing our own unique role. And hence, our lives ought to be attuned to the rhythm and cadence of Nature. Seasons come and go in a cyclical manner, echoing the philosophy of ebb and flow, of change and continuity. Our lives, too, undergo similar transformations.

Winter teaches us about resilience, about weathering harsh realities and bleak times. Spring brings in an aura of hope and rejuvenation, signalling a fresh start. Summer comes in with an invitation to bloom fully, a nudge to enjoy life's peak moments. Autumn comes to remind us about the beauty of letting go, showing us the splendour in falling, shedding the old, and preparing for the new. Each season bears lessons and messages, silently nurturing us towards growing wiser and deeper in our life journeys. 

Our bodies, too, follow cycles – be it the circadian rhythm that affects our sleep and alertness, the monthly cycle of women’s menstruation symbolising fertility and creation, or the cycle of life and death. Paying heed to these cycles brings us into a harmonious synchrony with Nature, strengthening our wellbeing.

Hence, Nature becomes our most trusted teacher, mentor, and guide, its wisdom nestled in every dawn's dew and each night's silence. Its magnificence and complexity offer profound lessons in resilience, patience, adaptability and, most importantly, living with awareness and kindness.

The time has come for us to reclaim this connection and embrace our primal bond with Nature. Let's tread gently, observe attentively, and align our lives with the rich rhythms of nature. By living in agreement with nature, we embrace our existence as Nature itself – the Universe embodied in a spectacular form. This connection, when acknowledged and honoured, helps us lead fulfilling and harmonious lives.

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