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"A GEM cannot be polished without FRICTION " - SENECA 

Every person, every living being, is essentially a beautiful fusion of the Universe and Nature, a vessel of communication and connection between the two, continually embodying the dance of energy exchange. This might sound whimsical, but think of it for a moment. Look at the stars above and realize that the atoms that form the structure of your being were forged in the hearts of stars, billion of years ago. That stardust that we're made of? It’s the Universe inside of us, whispering secrets in our DNA.

This idea leads to the spiritual understanding that we are the Universe experiencing itself as Nature, reflecting its celestial origins while also firmly rooted in the Earth's nurturing soil. Our Spirit, or soul, can be seen as this mysterious fusion, embodying both the vast expanse of the cosmos and the tangible realities of earthly existence. It’s the cosmic energy and earthly energy interwoven into a dynamic entity of awareness, consciousness, and experiences. 

However, much like the raw gem found in the depths of the Earth, our Spirit or soul isn’t automatically in its purest, most brilliant form. Remember the saying by the Roman philosopher, Seneca, A gem cannot be polished without friction. Our life experiences, challenges, triumphs, relationships, joys, and sorrows are all part of the friction that helps us polish our Spirit. As we move through life, we gradually learn, evolve, and grow, shedding old ways of being and embracing new perspectives.

These experiences, both good and bad, form the crucible for the forging of our higher self. This is our true, authentic self, unfettered by societal expectations, fears, and conditioning, the one that knows its purpose and dances to its own unique rhythm. When we begin to embody our higher self, we come into harmony with the universe's cosmic rhythm and the pulsating energy of the Earth. We become aware that we are part of something vast, intricate, and utterly miraculous. 

Embracing this notion, understanding that we are not just flesh and bones, but divine and earthbound energies expressing life as a dance, provides a liberating perspective on life. It encourages us to view every situation, every interaction, and every moment as an opportunity to 'polish' ourselves and align more closely with our true nature - the beautiful expression of the Universe dancing in the realm of Nature.

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