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#1..on your purpose.

Updated: Jan 9

Some people are questioning their freedom - I am questioning my purpose - what is it? ..the answer that I come up to - our purpose it’s to live life.

" Freedom and happiness come from understanding - and working with - our limits. Begin at once a program of self-mastery. Stick with your purpose. Do not seek external approval. Do not worry about anything outside of your control. The only things you command are your thoughts and actions. We choose our response. Stop aspiring to be anyone other than your own best self: for that does fall within your control. " - EPICTETUS

The Stoics defined the goal in life as living in agreement with nature.
"Humans, unlike all other animals, are constituted by nature to develop reason as adults, which transforms their understanding of themselves and their own true good."

That’s what the first thing that comes up when asking about stoics and life purpose - as living in agreement with nature. To live in agreement with our true nature I would add. We are so different - and yet, we are also so similar and so guided - by nature - by our own intuition - by everything that is happening around us.

We live in a magical world and the nature it’s magic. If we could just listen to it more and live in agreement with it... If we could just listen ourselves more and silent everything that it’s going around us - that goes against nature.. If we could silent what society tells us to do, what our ego tells us to do, what other people tell us to do and if we just listen to ourselves and do what we have to do. Without denial. Without hesitation - pure hard work and heads forward - to our own agreement - in our own time - in our own way. Life it’s magic. If we could just listen to it and live accordingly and incourage others to do the same and embrace the differences that are in nature and that are making it perfect. Life it’s a food chain and everything has it’s own place within. We are eating something and something it’s eating us. It’s the law of nature. One of many. We have to do what our nature tells us to do - and embrace the difference - and accept what others have to do - what their nature is telling them to do. Life it’s not all pink - but it’s magical and now - unlike everything - nature it’s the only thing that still makes sense. As unfair everything is right now - nature it’s fair. It has always been.


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