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Updated: Jan 9

" you believe in luck?
What is luck?
..when preparation meets opportunity.
What is an opportunity? A chance? "

Dictionary: " a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
Similar: chance, good time. "

‘Opportunity creation comes from taking problems in the present and determining how to use them to create future solutions’

The stoics believed that the best opportunities are those which allow us to develop our virtues. It's a moment when we connect the dots and we are ready to take it a step further. It’s a moment of decision. It’s a moment to shift a negative for a positive.
- it’s on us. From any point of view, it’s something that we have control over.

‘When preparation meets opportunity’ .. we need to be prepared and we need to take action.
.. we’ve been shifted to view "luck" it as something external but it’s something that we have control over. We find opportunities to change ourselves and to do things differently every single day and it’s on us to be prepared for it, to want it and to take action on it.

From the stoics point of view, luck in its conventional sense is thus but an illusion: any event ordinarily ascribed to luck can in the end be explained in terms of reason.

.. and that’s it. Your luck is made by yourself in the moment of deciding what you have control over and make it the best that you can with it. What was made for you, by external sources, it’s within reason.

Let’s think about a more practical situation. Think about a car crush. What if it happens but you survive? Were you unlucky to be part of it or lucky that you have survived it? Were you unlucky or is it based on reason?
Neither. If you will see it as a bad thing - you can call it ‘unluck’ but if you make the best with what is given, then - you can call yourself ‘lucky’ .

‘Luck’ isn’t a feature of the world, but it’s in our mind and how we judge certain events.

“I was once a fortunate man but at some point fortune abandoned me. But true good fortune is what you make for yourself. Good fortune: good character, good intentions and good actions” - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.


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