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#7...not for the weak..

Updated: 3 days ago

..the path that I’ve chosen it’s not for the weak..

..and I was lead towards it.. any other way that I may try to step on.. it just doesn’t feel right - no matter how easy, how comfortable and how bright is the view.. 
Every time that I am not on the path that I know I need to be - it just doesn’t feel right, no matter how beautiful it may look from any point of view.. 

I understand that the most important view - for each of us - is our own. 

…and there are two types of ‘beauty’ - the one that was created by society and the one that’s on the eyes of the beholder.. 

..and I will always choose to see for myself and decide for myself..and I know the path that feels right, is the dark one.. what it calls me, is where I know I have to find the light in myself and shine bright.. 

It's not for the weak - and whenever I am doubting myself..  I TRUST MY TRUE NORTH… 


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