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Updated: Jan 9

Whenever the question popped : “ ARE YOU READY ? ” .. instinctively - my gut said NO.
I may have been prepared … but ready? - never felt like it.
If you are ready - it means you expect something - there is no curiosity in that.

“Fortune falls heavily on those for whom she’s unexpected. The one always on the lookout easily endures.” –Seneca

- so what are we ready for? - do we know the outcome?
- ..what if we aren’t ready? - because we don’t expect anything - we are not ready for anything - we are curious.
- we know what we have to do - and we hope that we have been trained for it but anyhow - we gotta be curious - not ready - if we are curious - we cannot fail anything - maybe we have been trained well enough and we may win - or maybe it’s another battle that we will lose - but most definitely - if we are curious - we may learn something new - we may find what we can do different and improve - and if we didn’t win the battle - it ok - because we haven’t expected anything - we have been ready to be curious.
- what if .. in any battle that life will give us the chance to fight in - what if we're not ready?
- what if we go just to train? just to be curious? to enjoy and to seek for more.. not ready. open.


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