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... are you following your North Star?
..we all have our own unique path on this life that we have to walk it.. we all know it.
..but there is a trick.. we have our own compass and we have to face our TRUE NORTH. 
...and make sure we always follow OUR OWN way..
..some call it a journey, a goal, a life path, a purpose..
..are you following yours? .. all we have to do is to MIND YOUR TRUE NORTH. 

Female connected with Nature and Universe this day and age..we follow so many people, trends, hashtags, lifestyles..etc. 
..and more than ever.. we are so exposed to everything it's happening around us. shines a light on everything and it dims the light that we have in us. 
..from everything that we consume daily, from everything that we follow.. 


Male connected with Nature and Universe

..OUR TRUE NORTH STAR.. above so it's below. the yin and the yang. the good and the bad...
..the light and the dark. the full and the void. the masuline and the feminine...

balance - yin and yang

“I am the Universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while”.

 This powerful idea offers a transformative perspective. It purports that we are not simply living in the Universe; rather we are the Universe - its energy, its spirit, its cosmic intelligence. As humans, we embody an eternal piece of the source from which we sprung. Our consciousness, emotions, thoughts, dreams, and the energy that drives our existence are divine imprints of the Universe within us.   Embodying this belief reinforces spirituality, attributing us, humans, as not just creations but actual manifestations of the Universe. Every atom in our bodies once belonged to a star. Our life force carries the vibrant energy of the Universe, resonating within us like an ancient cosmic rhythm. The journey then isn't just about discovering oneself, it’s also a transcendental journey back to our Source – the Universe, thereby enriching our existence with the divine and sacred touch of spiritual wisdom.

" The goal of live is living in agreement with nature".
The words of ancient philosopher Zeno,  perfectly capture a spiritual truth often forgotten in our modern age. As beings of the universe, manifested through nature, we inherently possess an innate connection with the natural world. Nature is our wisest teacher, our gentlest healer, and our most profound source of inspiration. When we attune ourselves to her rhythms, we experience spiritual fulfillment. The cycles of the stars, the seasons of the nature, the waves of the oceans - these aren't just physical phenomena, but vital expressions of our shared existence. Life becomes the greatest teacher when we remember, understand, and respect our symbiosis with nature.

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